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Restaurants and Bars​​

  • The Reef. A rustic lunch restaurant on the beach Lower Bay. 10m from the sea– 200m from Amitabah House.

  • Fernando’s Hideaway. Fernando is a local fisherman whose family cooks the catch of the day. Simple but well prepared and enjoyable. Located above the beach in Lower Bay, about 15 minutes walk from Amitabah House. Open for dinner. Be sure to call head to book a table.

  • Mangos. Open for lunch and dinner. Fun and lively during the evenings. A locals favorite. About 5 minutes walk from Amitabah at Lower Bay, 10m from the sea.

  • Keegan. Right on the beach. Also frequented by locals. 5 minutes from Amitabah.

  • Jacks Bar. Beach restaurant at Princess Margaret Beach, a 20 minutes walk from the house. Delicious, fresh and well prepared food. Open lunch and evening. Private jetty, many sailors drop anchor. Often there is musical entertainment and entertaining action in the bar.

  • Mac’s Pizzeria. Great thick-crust pizza. You choose your toppings – everything from salami to lobster. Open evenings. Eat in or take-away.

  • Frangipani. One of the many restaurants located along the waterfront in Admiralty Bay. Serves a buffet of local cuisine. Open evenings. A popular bar, and every Thursday night is “Jump Up” with steel bands and barefoot dancing.

  • Gingerbread. Restaurant, cafe and ice cream parlor in an ornate wooden house that looks like a gingerbread house. Located along the water in Admiralty Bay. Try their banana-and-coconut ice cream!

  • Whalebones. The bar is built from a real whale skeleton. Also located along the promenade at Admiralty Bay.

  • Papas Bar. Great bar hanging on a hill above the harbor of Port Elizabeth with great views of the village and street scene. Serves food at night.

  • Devils Table. Pirate atmosphere with good food and a bar right on the water in Admiralty Bay. Best view of New Year’s Eve fireworks.

  • L’Auberge. Fish restaurant with its own aquarium where you choose your own lobster, to be prepared the way you like it. Also serves other seafood dishes.

  • Fig Tree. The best restaurant on the island according to The New York Times

  • Firefly. A restaurant in the hotel with the same name. Open for lunch and dinner. Fresh and hip. Situated at Spring, on the atlantic seashore.

  • Bagatelle. Open for lunch and dinner at Friendship Bay. Located at the Bequia Beach Hotel. Great menu.

  • Sugar Reef. Hotel and restaurant at the beach. Situated at “Spring” by the atlantic coast.

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